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f you are not planning you are planing to fail! 

Key points to meal prep:
- Choose one or two meals and cook them up in bulk at the start of the week- Shop at your local fruit and veg shop + butcher, avoiding supermarkets as they are over priced and have too many temptations- Weigh all of your meals to the measurements from your program - Plan your means for each day! When you get hungry its easier to stray away to unhealthy foods if you are not prepared - Throw out anything in your house that could detriment the diet 
Be strong and learn to say no! Colleagues and friends may make it hard, but they will envy your body and results in end.
 Quick tips to meal prep! 
1. Make multiple seasoned portions of chicken breasts to add variety to your diet
2. Cover a baking pan with aluminium foil
3. Make 3 columns in the pan. Take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it over to create a divider. Then, place the divider inside the pan and mash down so that it is set in place. Repeat the process to make another divider.
4. Add your chopped raw chicken breast pieces. Season each column or section differently.
5.Bake in the oven..
6. Have brown rice cooking in rice cooker
7. Steam greens in a multi tier steamer (Still crisp is the key to get the most nutrients)This is a simple, fast and effective way to prep your meals with variety! 

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