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Goal setting




Bangn Bodz clients achieve results through setting and smashing goals. Goals are a major part of the challenge because they push to your desired end result. Having a written goal gives you something to plan and work towards, keeps you accountable and helps us track mini-milestones on your way towards hitting your goals.

We will share with you the best techniques for Goal Setting to visualize your desired results and help you focus, stay motivated and work through any periods where your focus starts to fade.

You can’t hit an object you can’t see” - Setting goals is vital to your transformation, we will teach you step by step how to break it down in an easy way. 

Remember - goals help us stay accountable for results; if you don’t achieve the goals you set then we will happily offer you a 100% money back guarantee. *







Over your time with Bangn Bodz you will be lead by your personal trainer, they will be helping you gain lean muscle and lose body fat. Same as the training, this will test your mental drive and as you reach closer to your body goals. We have created a program that can be adapted to anyone, from beginner to advanced with years of proven transformations of both men and women across Australia of all ages. 




Your training plan




At Bangn Bodz we can create a training program to suit your goals, wether you want to gain weight/ lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year our program is carried from month to month, unlike other programs we do not repeat our workouts week in and week out. Our days a split between legs, upper body, core and boxing so you can pick and choose what you want to target. 
So whether you want to rely completely on our program, add it in to your existing program or even just along for the social side of things we have a package for you! 



Result tracking





We believe the best way to track results is through a photo each week, over the years we have tried many forms of measuring body fat and muscle but nothing comes close to progress photos. Even if the photos are just for you eyes only, it can be the best motivation for your training when you start to see results, your transformation could win you a stack of prizes from our partners also! 

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